Designed by Sebastian Rodriguez this tee is an exploration of the phrase “Ego Kills Talent”. This quote came to us from Episode 6 of Re:Search Podcast where Jamie Webster spoke at length about the balance between his work and his identity. More specifically, while seizing a chance to give advice to his younger self he said,

“Don’t compare yourself to other people … In the first two years [of my undergrad at York University] I just didn’t get along well with anybody and I felt I was very different from everyone there. I was always comparing myself like ‘Oh, they know this software that I don’t know’, or I would look at someone I aspired to be, ‘They’re two years older than me so in two years I need to complete X, Y and Z.’ That shit is never helpful."

“Creatively and intellectually I know I have a lot further to go, I’m definitely not satisfied with where I’m at in that respect. But I think if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people, especially on an age-based premise, I just think it eat away at you. I don’t think there is any positive outcome for that type of thought process.”

When asked how one could get away from that way of thinking he said definitively:

“I think you’ve got to remove ego as much as you can from any creative process. I think ego kills talent.”

Listen to the full interview with Jamie Webster here.

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